Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 183

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not as "Conargo block A" after forfeiture.  Whatever the final result may be, it will be a source of satisfaction that both you, Sir Wm. Manning and Mr. Johnson concur with my own views, which I may say are as strong as ever.

Considering that after a three days trial, the Jury were (11 out of 12) decidedly in my favor, and that my Council advise taking the opinion of Sir H. Cairns, I think it will be cruel on the part of the Govt. to put up the runs before until after I get that opinion;  besides should the appeal be in my favor, which I think it will be, it would be very awkward embarrassing should the runs in the meanwhile fall into the hands of a third party.  I think the Govt. would be in a dilemma then.  The probability is that if the runs are put up that another party will 

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