Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 104

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trade, and I do not think you can do better than try a small quantity through them.

In your former letter you signified your intention of growing fine wool.  May I ask what breed you most approve of. I paid a visit to Rhamboulliet [also spelt Ramboulliet] and I am certainly much pleased with the flock there.  In symmetry they are Spanish Merinos, larger in frame, and longer wooled than your sheep were, but not so fine.  A few of the flock shewed slight symptoms of a trace of Saxon blood, through the small close horn, long leg and narrow chest, but only a very few, and though they might not be so pure a Spanish flock as the Camden, still I think I would from all their qualities prefer them to any flock I know.

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