Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 091

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about a month, and I have just put 15000 additional sheep upon the blocks - and as then most of my stock are ewes I hope to have close upon 50000 before shearing.  I pay from 1/ to 1/2 a cubic yard for excavations and I am going on with a deal of work at present to try to accumulate water on the surface for next summer.  The area of my 3 blocks is about 190,000 acres, it is of first rate quality, and when the Railway is opened to the Murray it will be within 24 hours of Melbourne.  I hope to avoid using my wells very little but they are necessary reserves for dry seasons.  You will perceive that there is great expense & trouble, & there are frequent losses in forming stations in such country & it requires good management.  It might be better to go further inland for well watered country of equal quality.

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