Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 007

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from the sheep being generally in better condition, I trust they will gradually dissappear atogether.  I should like to have seen the account Sales of your last years clip, I trust your description of wool did not experience much of a decline in price.  14d is about the price that is going in Melbourne.  Some of the settlers here take great pains in washing their wool, but from bad folding a great deal of the fleece is stained;  I have seen sheep shorn at some of the out stations that had been washed a month, and that had of course collected as much filth as they had before washing.  The sheep generally are of a coarse description, and I think that the same description of sheep that grow to a larger size here, has wool proportionally coarser than they had on the Sydney side.  Mr. Hamilton told me that his pure Merinos that he had from Mr. Young increased very much in size, the Ewes cutting 3 lbs of wool and upwards in a good season.

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What price would you be disposed to take for the Merino Ewes! as in the event of my leaving this district I suppose you wd. dispose of them.  With much respect & regard,

I remain [indecipherable] your very faithful Servt.
W. Campbell

J & W Macarthur Esqr.

J & W Macarthur Esqrs.
of Camden
&c &c &c

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