Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 006

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quality.  The sheep are run in flocks of about 2000.  Since I came here I have never known a sheep to be lost the animals feed contentedly, are always in good condition and produce excellent fleeces, so that the trouble & expense of management is comparatively small.  On the Murray we can also run large flocks, but the men are scarce on account of risk of life from the blacks, and wages are consequently high.  I hope to pay £30 with a full ration of tea & sugar which is more than double what I used to pay at Richlands, and besides the men being beyond the reach of law, are generally inclined to be insolent, and negligent.  I have not been able to sell any more of the Rams, the 40 that I reported having sold to Mr. Macallum will I fear be returned, the [transaction?] occurred in this way.  Mr. Macallum said he would take the rams, but at the same time said he would like to see them.  When I removed my sheep to the Murray I left or rather sent the rams to Mr. Macallum who was from home without his seeing them, when he saw them he did not like them, and wished me to take them back, which I object doing on the ground that my doing so would injure the sale of the remainder, I hope to be able to settle the matter, by making a reduction in the price, and getting Mr. Macallum to dispose of them for me.  I fear I will require to reduce the price considerably.  The Ravensworth Rams are not much what I would wish, and the circumstance of their having ticks, lessens the value of them considerably, the flocks on this side being free from that vermin.  I was glad to perceive that they had lessened very much in my sheep at shearing time, which I suppose arose

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sheep.  Let me know what I could get good sheep at on the Sydney side and it will be partly a guide for me.  Wool sells here for 14.

I shall be in Melbourne again in about 2 weeks time to see my friends off and to settle their affairs before starting.  I should like to know if possible the result of my petition before then. 

Excuse so much trouble and believe me ever
Your very faithl. & obt. Servt.

W. Campbell

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