Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 205

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& arms - Medical advice was sent for Keate [?] & others came; but they pronounced there was little hope of recovery & if he did it would be to suffer excruciating torments - Alleviating medicines were administered & in the course of 48 hours he [indecipherable] under - All circumstances considered it was a merciful interposition of Providence to save him from agony & his friends from seeing him suffer without hope of cure - His death took place on the 22 Decb.- I have no doubt my sister has written to her boys abt. it; especially as on the day the accident happened he had enclosed a letter to her from them to himself giving a very good account of their proceedings - Should you meet with either perhaps you will have the goodness to mention it to them - Francis writes full of gratitude for Bowmans kindness to him during his [indecipherable] from the wound​​​​​​​ of a bushranger

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