Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 201

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if you are right in principle on the subject of Municipal Corp. & that taxation can only commence with representation - But then comes the question are you ready for the latter & wd. the elective franchise be properly exercised?  I am sure it is not here & 9 tenths do not understand it  - self interest instead of the interests of the whole is the only thing thought of & will be so for generations to come for in none of our schools is such a subject taught nor has it at all  enter with our system of education. If you establish any system by law keep clear of all our bad parts & take the good only But I fear you are as incapable as we are - They tell some poor Church [indecipherable] on a pension basis than [indecipherable] tho' some Ultras think her ruined because a few stakes have been knocked down -  Pray heaven go [indecipherable] my two nephews? [indecipherable]  your fellow passengers I have [indecipherable] trading speculation to [indecipherable] Review & has retd. to Sydney - I cautioned him above all things to avoid such & keep steadily to his land & shack [?] & as he did not succeed in his spec.  I hope it will be a warning to him. 

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