Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 195

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Whitfield Rectory Tuesday
July 30 31.

My Dear James
The enclosed came here this morning & tho" I sent a few lines to you directed 15 Ainslie place Edinburgh I think it will not arrive till after you have left it.

I am delighted with the prospect of seeing you both again.  I say nothing about the shortness of your visit because I know how anxious Mrs. Macathur is to see as much of her family [indecipherable] as she can before your departure - as we have had nothing but rain since I came home I hope you will be treated with some fine weather without which the beauty of our valley is very much diminished -   You [indecipherable] by the train  about 4 miles from the Town [indecipherable] at 8 to be there 1/4 before 9 & I will order a pair of horses to meet you at Haydon Bridge at 1/2 past 10, & you will be here abt. 1/2 12  -

Mind on descending the "[indecipherable] Bank" into Whitfield wh is over [indecipherable], you [indecipherable] the beautiful scenery on the right there thru' which the Allen winds its way to the Tyne & Stewart [?] Peek to which one must drive if it be fine on Saturday [indecipherable] in Mrs Ord's little [indecipherable] which is 35 years old but  I [indecipherable] very strong & safe - the magnificent [indecipherable] will greet you a [indecipherable] will be safely put by till your return!!

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