Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 100

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[Note:  The following was not part of original letter:
"The following letter, announces the death of Johm Macarthur Jr. which occurred on April 19,1831.  Scott was in Wester Australian in April 1830. N.F. Jan 1928"]

I have seen in the papers that Gov. D is to be superseded & that Gov.r Burke who was at the Cape is to be appointed. This I know to be true & I think the Gov.t have acted most unjustly towards gov.r D. If this dissolution of Parliament had not taken place, the scene of iniquity practiced in your Supreme Court would have been unfolded & even now as soon as the new Parliament is called & the Reform question carried, of w.h there is now doubt, those legal Gentlemen will squash yet. I am not surprized at the State of the Colony. I am certain that your new Gov.r will go armed with powers to curb the lawyers & perhaps crush  them - He is known to be a determined character & not easily frightened by lawyers - I rejoice more than ever I quitted at the time I did - 

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