Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 073

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[Page 73]

disappointed because that he had not had an offer of them from the late Archdeacon previous to his concluding the arrangement with Mr. Hawdon.

As the matter is I cannot suggest to you any improvements upon the plan you propose to adopt of  keeping the flock under the management of a steady overseerer until directions respecting them are received from [indecipherable] Scott. 

I regret to learn [indecipherable] your letter that my councilling [indecipherable] Hawdon's [indecipherable] you have sustained a personal loss.  I of course have not the [indecipherable] of  comprehending exactly how your interests have been affected until I see you.  But would it have been of any advantage to you had you explained this before the bonds were cancelled [?]  You are aware of course that my power to act as Mr. Scotts A.H.G. remains dormant  so long as you are not incapacitated from acting either by absence

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