Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 050

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Give my affectionate regards to your dear Mother & Sisters & tell Emmeline I expect to hear all the scandal from her! & all ab.t the little boy over the water & at Wollommollo [Woolloomooloo?] ab.t whom also I [indecipherable] my best & lasting regards - Do not forget Dr. Anderson [?] if old nelly be alive I enquired after her & her progeny - I see your  friends have given 3 verdicts in favor of Hall ags.t an act of Parl.t  one ag.st the Crown as to possession the last got Forbes' directions confounding law with fact with whc a jury has nothing to do [indecipherable] the former -.
Yours affec.y

T.H. Scott

[Address on envelope]
William Macarthur
New South Wales
[stamp Sydney NSW JL 28 1831]

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