Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 017

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paper written by a practical friend of mine on curing the smut  in wheat, so injurious in & to that Colony -  & next winter I shall employ my long evenings in making some collections or selections on  Agriculture & Horticulture &  read them. I do not think I can be tempted to become an author, tho I have ample materials all of which are arranged in most applepye[?] order - I know nothing of the  Rep.t Barn.d never writes - I hope you have done something ab.t the tax on Wool - remember what I told you - Pray if you can recollect what I stated to you ab.t the grants to your father before we came away, let me know; for I see I forgot to enter it in my minute book & I cannot find the loose paper on which I made it; this I dare say I shall when I do not want it - 

I return you your sisters third letter - assure them when you write that I often think of them & Camden - we have here just such weather now as when there & in the Sun nearly as hot - I shall get into my house in a fortnight - my books & shelves are all arrived

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