Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 013

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Whitfield 10 June 1822

My Dear Macarthur

There is no one so busy as those who have nothing to do; yet with that nothing, which compared with the concerns of the world it is so, I do not find the day long enough for my various employments & thus far I am not at a loss for any method to kill time nor have I any occasion to be so or reminded of the text ["]why stand ye here idle all day long." I should, but for such various matters of importance have answered your letter of the 16 of Apl before I rec.d that of the 30 May; which anticipated my scrawl begging for news & for this promtitude accept my best thanks & do not fail if you are not too over loaded with briefs to give one all the news you can on the subject I feel so much interest; I wish I had the power of putting that feeling into execution - 

As a private individual & as having received civilities from him I greatly respect Gov. Macqr [Macquarie] & should be extremely happy to  show him that feeling here; but as a Gov.r & Legislator & Statesman

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