Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 011

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As to V.D.L. [Van Diemen's Land] I believe the whole island is given away & the impolicy of creating a dunghill peer [?]  there will be felt for ever.  Much if not all of that is of home manufacture & disgraceful in the extreme.  It is the one of the consequences of Parliamentary influence.  If I can feel astonishment at any thing it is at the grant in the C.P.;  but then it is a precedent for your father to claim he's there of the Gov.& I wd hope your next letters will confirm it - I feel much difficulty in advising but I wd have no difficulty in acting - Gore ought to have had the land, in exchange for the lambs, ordered in the C.P. but that is past. As to waiting now I see no end to it, tho' on the other hand you have a stranger to deal with, & G who is a sad loss to you & the Colony, might have felt more confidence in doing something at once than his successor, who by his speeches I take has loquacities sates; sapcentred  paruesn [?]. Gore also I know fear to offend - I should have no fears on that head if I see my way clear else where, but that I conclude you do not -  if the matter is to be ended in a month (tho that was a month ago I heard so) waiting can do you no harm - for if the C P. are gone of course an immediate application would no more avail than one a month hence - After all I tell you very candidly as I told you I believe before, that if 

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