Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 508

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I am not in the least surprised to hear of it.  The Fins have always had the reputation of extreme greediness & Harry Veitch has always been regarded as the worst of the lot.  Independently of Beady's well established character, the circumstances are entirely on his side in the dispute between him & Peter V. but I think that you have done wisely in sending them over the last batch of D. Superbiens! which you were fortunate enough to light upon.  The £6 they cost may be half altogether [indecipherable] be repaid in the kinds numbers & condition of the return Orchids.  You were [indecipherable] so completely in their hands in this respect, I mean in the matter of payment, that I rejoice that you have left them without any ground of excuse even to themselves for not treating you liberally & fairly.  This however I am afraid they will not do, liberality is not in their way.  I went over

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