Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 485

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& similar places are turning the [indecipherable] & creeping ferns & many beautiful mosses.  Your noble Fern Trees which are [indecipherable] will be great ornaments to my House.  There are in addition to them two large Cyatheas & two fine plants of 2 species of Angiosperms [indecipherable] a number of things I have from your Crimsons, Amaryllis, Telopeas, Doryanthus, Palms, [indecipherable] D. Sumnera which now looks better than D. Bigibbum.  I have not yet had an opportunity of shoring Veitch your Fordes Drawing & the demands in assuring my Sister [indecipherable] Hamptons drawings [indecipherable] many of the Australian Orchids [indecipherable] painted than Fitzgeralds with dissections also!  Could you send her [indecipherable] that I am 

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