Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 477

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of the Orchids in [indecipherable] in England.  The apple tree is a very [indecipherable] looking tree [indecipherable] & only beautiful when in flower or in full fruit which [indecipherable] happens with me once in 3 or 4 years.

So poor Thomson has [indecipherable].  Had he maintained the vigor of his intellect & [indecipherable] to execution [indecipherable] while it lasted, his loss wd. be very [indecipherable].  There is no one in [indecipherable] this life [indecipherable].  Step[hen is too ]indecipherable] & Hay too.  [indecipherable] while the [indecipherable] is too [indecipherable] certain.  Please God dear good

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