Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 459

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have not deserved, for while no proper check was placed upon the poor high spirited [indecipherable] he appears to have been most shamefully abandoned to his pals [?] at the last.  The cashiering of Captain Casey will not obliterate if he indeed should be cashiered the blot from the pages of our history.  Everyone I meet with speaks of the wretched Count with hated breath as if each individual felt that he was more or less involved in the disgrace.  I was told a few days ago by good military authority that Chelmsford had directed Col. Glyn not to [indecipherable] at Isandula.

My [indecipherable] is always in [indecipherable] & he always making excuses, & [indecipherable] that he at least is not to blame.  Thank Heavens by this time he is superseded.  Do you [indecipherable] a fellow in Sydney a Commissariat Deputy Assistant Deputy Commissioner named Strickland, a poor fool who

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