Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 456

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[Page 456]

married [indecipherable] ugly daughter of Hely's [indecipherable] he has risen to the head of the Department & is more to blame than even Chelmsford for the [indecipherable] state of things, but had Chelmsford [indecipherable] in line he wd. have hanged him.  [indecipherable] in all  you say of the [indecipherable] of the Sydney International Exhibition you will have them away before you have done about £4000,000, & the country in a [indecipherable] in one way or the other perhaps about £400,000.  The loss will be direct the advantages indirect.  The Exhibitors will be all disappointed in as much as they think the Colony another Eldorado [indecipherable] it is [indecipherable] & there will come the reaction & the abuse aroused by [indecipherable] money loss to the Revenue.

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