Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 381

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with later a good deal from "buck jumping" that was exhibited by the last [indecipherable] greater [indecipherable] the present City.  You [indecipherable] what Byron says of its dirt in his time.  It is now the very cleanest of cities!  Altogether perhaps one ought to like Lisbon, but somehow I feel that I should hate it in a month.  So I will not wait to have any charitable feeling called into play but be of to Oporto in ten days or so, & so by Badajoz, which I shall think of from old [indecipherable] & his Calcadores & Merida to Seville, where unless things have changed very much during the last 18 years I do not despair of spending a whole month of continued interest.  The [indecipherable] of Lisbon, [indecipherable] of beastly little villages like the [indecipherable] of all Latin Towns, [indecipherable] with by the rambling walls that [indecipherable] the untidy [indecipherable] of farms.  The whole country descended

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