Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 298

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[indecipherable] aware that your money & my contribution are exhausted.  Mr. Shaw told Green that I will furnish the needful advance.  I wd do the same for the Peat, but I am not sure that you will sanction the expense which it seems will be increased.  I thought that you had peat of a fair quality in some of the Illawarra Mountain swamps, where the Blandfordia plants grow.  You give a bad account of Veitchs lot.  My poor [indecipherable] orchids have perished with his.   Of Leys second supply you say nothing.  They had not come to hand of course.  I do not expect any Williams Orchids from New Guinea.  The Horn like the Tasman is [indecipherable] Australian, beautified no doubt by a completed thoroughly tropical climate & I daresay Dend. Bigibbum will is as good as any thing you will get.  There is a good figure 

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