Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 292

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Pendell Court,

Edderton Tain
Rosskeen, NB
Aug 27

My dear Friend

How I am in the Highlands again at a new shooting taken by our good friend Peter.  Do you recollect crossing the "Muckle Ferry" when you accompanied by your dear wife & myself to the Fae north well!  This place is [indecipherable] the wiles a little to the west of the Southern side of the Ferry nearly opposite to Golspie.  There is no Deer Forest but plenty

[Cross-hatched writing]

me, tho years not yet arrived, a Wardian Case containing Cycads [indecipherable] and one plant of Platycerium Grande, but of this last I want two or three very large masses, as I now going a large Fern House.  As to the Cycads & [indecipherable] instead of sending them in a Wardian case.  They wd. have come better in a case planted in saw dust & shavings.  I should be glad of six [indecipherable] Dicksonias packed in the same way & put high.  Good bye dear Friend, situated 


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