Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 280

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[Page 280]

Book of Words in New Guinea, worthy of Mr. John Manderston, Ferdinand Mendes Pinto or Munchausen, [indecipherable] Landon whose falsehoods are so palpable that I [indecipherable] the fellow was when there [indecipherable].  I do hope that copious notes will be taken by both of our friends for a new book on New Guinea would now be received with the deepest interest.  The Imperial Govt. you know has you know has been requested to annex this [indecipherable] Island & I really believe that Lord Carnarvon is not altogether [indecipherable] to so doing.  I cannot help thinking that a good deal as to the action of Government will depend on Mr. Macleay's report.  The Expedition is a most plucky one, one worthy of the days of Elizabeth, tho infinitely more honourable in fact, for instead of having a buccaneering character its objects are of the highest order.  If Macleay & Onslow do anything & observe anything worthy of report, they should come to 

[In left margin]

N.B.  A very decent couple of the name of Richardson have just left this [indecipherable] as Emigrants to N..S.W.  I have given him letters to you.  He is a Glazier by trade, but a [indecipherable] by choice.  His wife is a daring woman.  They would just suit you.

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