Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 278

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[Page 278]

I note all that you have done & can only trust that you will be well [indecipherable] for the expense & trouble.  If only no fatality occurs you [indecipherable] but for a [indecipherable].  I wrote to Hooker on receipt of your letter telling him of what you had written as to his getting the pick of your collections.  I observe what you say of your [indecipherable][ actions with the Veitchs.  Poor Harry Veitch has overworked himself & has now been absent from the establishment for some time in result of health.  I should not be surprised if he followed his brother John.  As soon as I have time I will go there & [indecipherable] the despatch of some of your numerous cases.  I will give the other Brothers, if Harry be not soon coming home, a list of plants to send.  I have not [indecipherable] or time to write more now.  [indecipherable] send by next mail I hope some gossip to dear Elizabeth, so will be close to Mr. & Mrs. Bains & her good dear brother.

I remain yr. attached old friend,

Geo. Macleay

[In left margin]

Some [indecipherable] & some Hippeastrums turned up from wreck of W. Castle about 20 for me and half as many for Hooker.


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