Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 255

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[Page 255]

at once, or your vineyards are lost forever.  I feel quite uneasy [indecipherable] say on the subject.  Will you kindly tell Mr. James Macarthur with my kind love that I saw Mr. & Mrs. Norman two or three days ago [indecipherable] I was much pleased to see both of them looking remarkably well, Mrs. Norman quite handsome & sturdy, far better than she looked a year ago, tho' she was complaining of rheumatica & the old gentleman unchanged in appearance & as bright [indecipherable] as ever, made three attempts to see Mary who is stopping with her Charles just now, but was all for [indecipherable] finding her at home.  They told me that she was very well [indecipherable].  I must not say that.  Oh, by the way I went to the [indecipherable] with [indecipherable] on Monday last & had a long chat with him.  He has promised me to write to you.

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