Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 217

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dust & have made Green note it too.  I do trust that better luck.  I do trust so most heartily may attend Green's next [indecipherable], poor man! he has taken his failures very much to heart.  I was [indecipherable] principally to blame for one, by asking him to put [indecipherable] the tubers of [indecipherable].  By the way, I think that you might brow the Rockhampton [indecipherable] & the [indecipherable] in your garden, if you let off the water & cover the [indecipherable] with netting in the winter.  I grew M. Stellata, the blue N. [indecipherable] later out of doors in Summer.  Indoors I have a very [indecipherable] collection of [indecipherable] & not a bad one out of doors.  Papyrus Antiquorom grows beautifully in Sicily.  I  am sure it wd do well with you.  Some of your most beautiful Crocuses have flowered into the charmingly 

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