Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 162

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[Page 162]

are a [indecipherable] part of our being [indecipherable] that Cholera will do much mischief in England and go on fast.  I mean for the part of myself & wife we do not feel the least alarmed. I shall but attempt to [indecipherable away [indecipherable] Flannel clothing, good living & [indecipherable] belts and attention to any premonitory symptoms will set the disease at the [indecipherable].  You will hear by this mail how I jump from one subject to another.  Of our friend Nicholson's message I have already mentioned how letters to him have [indecipherable] by last mail that we have met his lady & have nothing now to add on the subject beyond the fact that he had never written to my friends that he is supremely happy!  Nicholson is a warm hearted and good fellow and he has my hearty aspirations for as felicitous a pastime 

[In left margin]

Poor Mr. W. Hookam dead at 80 of Diptheria.  Josephine [?] Hookam is very ill of Rheumatic fever.

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