Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 007

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old Blaxland as Bottom and Jones & Berry as Dogberry & Verges.  Blaxland has to shift they say into the character of good man Dale.  Mrs Berry was to enact Portia to the Governor's Brutus, Lady Darling was to go as "Diana", Sir T. as a gentleman, Miss D. as a Nun & Major Farrer as a Siren.  Amongst the other mythologicals I heard that Spocke was to go as Vulcan and Mrs. Duquid as Venus which so irritated the female scintillation that she had declared her intention of going as Apollo Beloiden[?].  Old Grant was to go as Silesius and Col. Wilson as Master Slender.  Pinnock I heard had selected the character of Bob Acres and Little Oldey was to be Sir Lucius O'Trigger.  I heard of several more but as I am come to the end of my paper I must postpone the commentary.  With my best respects to the Ladies, I am ever

Yours most truly

Geo: Macleay


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