Volume 06: John Macarthur accounts, 1806-1832: No. 034

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KNOW ALL MEN by these presented that  I Garnham Blaxcell of Sydney in the Territrey [territory] of New South Wales Merchant am held and firmly bound to John McArthur Esq of the same place in the Sum of Two thousand Sterling [?] - money to be paid to the said John McArthur or to  his certain Attorney his Executres [Executors] Administratres [Administrators] or [indecipherable] - for which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs Executres [executors] and Administratres [administors] firmly by those presents -  Sealed with my Seal - Dated this Twenty ninth day of March in the Forty ninth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God King of the United KIngdoms of Great Britain and Ireland Defender of the Faith Oc [?]
and in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and nine.
The Condition of this Obligation is such That if the above bound Garnham Blaxcell his Heirs Executres [executors] or Adminstratres [Adminstrators] do and Shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said John McArthur or his certain Attorney his Executres [executors], or Administratres {adminstrators] or [indecipherable] The Sum of One thousand pounds Sterling  - Money with Interest for the same at the rate of eight pounds per cent per annum within Two Years from the date hereof and which will be on the Twenty ninth day of March One thousand eight hundred and eleven - Then this obligation to be void (one of no effect,) otherwise it shall remain in force and virtue.

Sealed and delivered, no Stamp)
being used in the Colony in the  )   G. Blaxcell
presence of                                 )

Penelope Lucas

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