Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 189

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would be the prelude to the extensive use of minibuses throughout the metropolitan area.

        "The whole purpose of the exercise is to determine whether these smaller buses can provide a satisfactory and attractive service between areas not directly linked by public transport,"

        As far as the candidates were concerned, the purpose of the exercise was to win votes.

        We climbed into one of the minibuses: the minister; the three candidates - Tom Webster (Wakehurst), Charles Wild (Pittwater) and myself; electronic and print media people ; Hurley; and assorted officials.   The rain was coming down steadily and the windows soon fogged up as we set off to do several circuits around Manly.   Most of the voters were probably indoors out of the weather and missed the rather odd sight of this small bus driving in circles; with misty figures inside being filmed by a cameraman, who was propped backwards against the windscreen beside a nervous driver.

        On camera, a reporter asked Cox about his banning of smoking on public transport.   himself a heavy smoker, Cox explained that some people would just have to make a small sacrifice for the well-being of their fellow travellers.   "Why then, Minister, does your seat have an ashtray in it?"   Cox looked down.   Sure enough, the  

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