Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 507

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Ten: A pyrrhic victory.

The Tourism Task Force had completed a draft report. Its three members; drawn from the Department of Environment and Planning, the Department of Tourism and the Premier's Department; enthusiastically endorsed the development of Manly as a tourist resort.

     We thought they were much too enthusiastic. Little regard had been given to the possibility of a backlash from residents, particularly working class people who could be displaced by re-development. The social and political implications of encouraging the developers and entrepreneurs hand not been emphasized.  

      If the report's recomendations were adopted without qualification, Manly Council would be given virtually a free hand, assured of support from the Sate Government. A new boom in bricks and mortar would please Joan Thorburn and the traders on the Corso, and create jobs, but could alienate the  €œgreenies €œ and many residents who preferred the lifestyle in the existing village.

     There was a real danger that some of the remaining cheaper accommodation on the flat behind the beach would be demolished and replaced by luxury high-rise units, in the style of the Queensland Gold Coast. We had to consider the interests of all the residents, including those who were traditional Labor supporters.

     The report had not been released, although it had

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