Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 451

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     hour on editorial-type publicity than to invest  

     the product of five hours labour on paid  


  Paid space should only be used as a handmaiden to


   Editorial placement is critical and paramount

   whereas advertismets could only reinforce

   existing images at best. The 1980 promotional

   calendar may therefore be supported effectively

   by paid space, providing some aspect of the

   advertisement is kept topical, fresh and interesting."

     He was sceptical [skeptical] about the accuracy of some of the

survey figures ( I suspected he did not understand

the  sampling theory ) but agreed to deal with the  

major  issues which had been identified.

   Morrison made specific recomendations [recommendations]:

              "Having regard to the projected image now

successfully bedd-in [bed-in] and the inherent special

nature of the electorate, I recommend that top

priority ( with pictures  ) at a frequency of about

two per week. One should be showing Alan Stewart

active in in [extra "in" from original text)  the electorate and the other dealing

with views from government sources.

"Local activity should be programmed well

in advance so that each week there is a public

appearance, which each week also there is a  



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