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content, which had relied on skilful promotion to

capture a market. We were therefore delighted to

welcome to the committee a former head of the Coca Cola  

Corporation in Australia.

                       John Morrison was an enigma. Born into the working

class, he had served an apprenticeship in a dockyard,

taught in the technical education system, and become an

expert on management and industrial relations. He had

been hired by a tobacco company, reorganised their

management and progressed to Coca Cola where he

learned the art of marketing.

                       Morrison was also a non-smking, vegetarian  

health fanatic. While achieving rapid advanvement in

the world of capitalism, he remembered his simple

origin amond the workers. Peeling the stress of the

free-enterprise rat-race, he regused an overseas

promotion, took a "golden handshake" and retired at the

early age of fifty.

            Lean and sun-tanned, he was now spending his time

running and swimming on the beach at Curl Curl,  

promoting the Surf Life Saving Association, and doing a

small amount of freelance consulting. One of his

regular clients was the Manly Daily.

                    Morrison did not wish to join the ALP or to take a  

prominent position as one of my supporters. He would,

however, become a member of the policy committee and

work behind the scenes creating a marketing plan.

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