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a general attack, having during the day subjected our position to a heavy bombardment from large calibre guns and howitzers.  At midnight the heaviest rifle and machine gun fire yet experienced in the northern section broke out, chiefly directed at "QUINN'S POST".  After slackening from 3 a.m. to  4 a.m. it then broke out again and a heavy Turkish column assaulted the left of No. 2 Section. This assault was beaten off with loss.  Another attack was delivered before daylight on the centre of this section;  it was repeated 4 times and repulsed each time with very serious losses to the enemy.  Simultaneously a heavy attack was delivered on the north-east salient of No. 4 section which was repulsed and followed up, but the pressing of the counter-attack was prevented by shrapnel.  Attacks were also delivered on QIINN'S POST, COURTNEY'S POST, and along the front of our right section.  At about 5 a.m. the action became general along the line, and a heavy artillery bombardment of our whole position began by a large number of enemy guns, including 12" and 9.2", and other guns which had not previously been firing on us.

By 6 a.m. another big attack seemed to be developing on QIINN'S POST.  This came to nothing, but another attack 

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