Item 02: Sir Charles Rosenthal diary, 1 January 1919-5 January 1920 - Page 73

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Arrived at Udine at 6.30pm. Reported to HQrs 8th Army and arranged tour for tomorrow which will finish at Trieste. Guides will be provided for us at Gorizia. Stayed at Hotel Cross of Malta where rooms had been kindly provided by 8th Army. Not yet quite in running order. Dined at Restaurant Nazionale. General Badoglio commanding 8th Army is at present away from Udine but his Chief of Staff treated us very kindly and did everything possible for us.

Tuesday 11th November
Breakfasted early and with Col Vangetti strolled round the town Square and looked at the Castle sited on magnificent high land. Col Vangetti now leaving us and returning to his HQrs at Verona. Said goodbye to him at 8 am. He has been a splendid guide for the knows the battle fronts intimately and is in addition a companion full of wit and humour. A beautiful morning and the magnificent snow clad alps to the northward were particularly impressive. Crossed River Natasori the Italian and Austrian Frontier prior to the war, and here took photos. Just before entering Gorizia we crossed the [indecipherable], here a fine stream. Bridges had all been destroyed by the Austrians in their last big retreat but temporary bridges are in use. Here also took photos. On entering the town we were reminded that today is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement. Buildings gaily decorated with Italian National Flags and parade of troops Marching off to sports. Called on General Paolina commanding the Zone. He detailed a Brig General to conduct us along the Isonzo Valley beyond Canale. This was a most enjoyable excursion. Our guide who had commanded a Brigade during the fighting in this sector and his description from the time we entered the ruined village of Saleaus where the two dominant mountains held by the Austrians stand up so prominently (Mt Sabatini and Mt Gabriel) till the end of our journey beyond Canale were intensely interesting. In particular the crossing of the Isonzo in 7 different places during the earlier Italian offensives was a noteworthy performance. Here to engineering difficulties tho' gigantic have been successfully overcome. Took some photos along this Isonzo valley or really gorge  €“ returning to Gorizia about noon. The General then was replaced by a staff major who knew the Carso front, and after lunch on the roadside we continued our journey. The Carso country is quite unlike any country I have fought in or seen. Stone everywhere  €“ Digging of trenches quite

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