Item 02: Sir Charles Rosenthal diary, 1 January 1919-5 January 1920 - Page 35

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Returned to Tidworth at 1pm and remained in office during afternoon.

Thursday 12th June
Left Tidworth at 6 am by car for Devonport. Remained at Exeter from 10 to 10.30 to see the Mayoress' Committee distributing refreshments to our men passing through. Arrived Devonport 12.30. Went out to "Port Darwin" in tender to Plymouth Sound. Ship well fitted. Lt Donnelly OC Troops. From the Port Darwin proceeded by Tender to SS. Thermistocles. OC Troops Lt Col Woolcock. Gen [indecipherable] travelled by this latter boat. Conversed with troops on both ships. Left Devonport 9pm and arrived Exeter 11pm. Spending the night there. Capt of Thermistocles promised to send a wireless to my wife travelling on "Euripides, passing in the vicinity of Africa.

Friday 13th June
Left Exeter 9 am arriving Tidworth 1pm.
In office all the afternoon.

Saturday 14th June
Left Tidworth 9 am by car for London. Visited Chelsea Garage to discuss spares and electric lights for car.

Sunday 15th June
Remained in London. Gen Leane inspected S.S. [indecipherable] at Devonport on my behalf. Ship quite satisfactory. Lt Col [indecipherable] OC Troops.

Monday 16th June
Visited Gen Birdwood and Gen Griffiths. Left London at 4.30pm. For Tidworth. Gen Leane inspected Ormande. OC Troops Lt Col [indecipherable].

Tuesday 17th June
Visited Sutton Veny to preside over court of Enquiry. Repatriated prisoners. Returned to Tidworth for lunch. Gen Martin 5th Bde accompanied me.

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