Item 01: General William Holmes telegrams and cables, September-October 1914 - Page 253

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O.C. Infantry to Brigadier


8.10 pm

moved with my force along coast road to river [Matantauival] where patrols was sent forward to connect with Beresford or troops along road south from Kabakaul on arrival Wunapope sent patrol to link up half F Company at cross roads leading from Wunapope to Herbertshoe. Lieutenant Cooper captured (6) six prisoners please instruct with regard to these. Along road one thousand (1000) yards east of Wunapope leading south moved with my force one & a half miles south. Sent patrols to East Kabakaul road. Not heard from Beresford. Cyclist sent with message to him has not yet returned 7.45 PM. Informed Beresford that I was returning to Herbertshoe at dark. Heard about 4.15 PM a dozen shots south east direction.



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