Item 01: General William Holmes telegrams and cables, September-October 1914 - Page 400

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[A copy of the despatch from Holmes to the Minister of Defence can be found at William Holmes, Item 03, pages 75 - 79]

H.M.A.S. "Berrima"
26th September 1914.

The Vice-Admiral,
Commanding H.M.A. Fleet


Referring to my interview with you on board the Flagship at sea on 23rd instant, in regard to the wireless message from the Minister for Defence as to the terms of capitulation agreed to by me with the Ex-Governor of German New Guinea, I have the honour to forward herewith for your information, a copy of a despatch I have prepared for transmission to the Minister by the first mail which leaves for Australia.

I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant,

(Sgd.) William Holmes, Colonel

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