Item 01: General William Holmes telegrams and cables, September-October 1914 - Page 398

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From....Navy Office, Melbourne.

To........Vice-Admiral Commanding H.M.A. Fleet.

Date......2nd October, 1914.

From Minister of Defence to Administrator - With reference to your telegram 23rd September. As terms are thoroughly familiar on which surrender actually taken place, they must be adhered to so far within scope of your authority as Officer Commanding capturing force. Although you now say no guarantee given that facilities will be offered for return to Germany of Governor and Officials, your telegram 20th September says no obstacles return to Germany. Such undertaking on your part appears beyond scope of Brigadier, and whether it will be ratified is question will have to stand over until prisoners reach Australia and actual written terms received. Naval Board. (2035)

The Administrator
of New Guinea:

Forwarded for your information.

(sgd.) George Patey
3rd October 1914.

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