Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 17

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11.15. a.m.  Notification from "Samoa" to be transmitted at once to Captain Wuchert: "Transport steamer presumably with troops on board and one Cruiser have taken up position in front of Kabakaul.

11.30. a.m.  Ullrich has just returned with a small section of the troops and reports as follows: - Leiut. Kempf says, "Fifty men have landed and have travelled altogether about four Kilometers from Kabakaul.  The mine was walked over".  I have reported this to Rittmeister von Klewitz.

12. noon.  Dr. landert orders that Muicke shall leave his people here and return to the troops, and that another officer shall take his place.

12.35. a.m.  Herr Duus comes and reports: - "Captain Wuchert and Lieut. Schippmann are probably in the hands of the English.  Mauderer had been wounded.  The detachment of the troops is still in the first trench at Kabakaul.

1.10. a.m.  Acting Sergeant-Major Anaiker has arrived with carriers and cartridges, and asks for further instructions from Rittmeister von Klewitz.  Just at this time we found that the Telephone to Toma had been destroyed.  Acting Sergeant-Major Anaiker will remain here.

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