Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 129

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behind which the 'Komet' was sheltering (until then unobserved) & stopped broadside on at a  distance of 400 yds.  I proceeded  in a boat with Mr Whiteman as Interpreter and a white flag.  the Captain was dressing when I reached the 'Komet' and surrendered the Ship in response to my demand - The necessary steps were at once taken for the protection of the wireless room - Engine room & all on board disarmed - Comdr Jackson then came aboard & made all arrangements for the 2 vessels to leave for Rabaul & this was accomplished at dawn next day Monday 12th Octr

I desire to specially bring under your notice the zeal initiative and indomitable energy of Commander Jackson who is mainly responsible for bringing to a successful issue this expedition.  His keenness is infectious & has been reflected in the whole of the small party.  I need hardly add that the negotiation of the innumerable small reefs on the uncharted coast

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