Item 02: Sir Charles Rosenthal diary, 1 January 1919-5 January 1920 - Page 5

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Wednesday 1st January
Stayed in all day. Dealt with a great deal of Divisional Correspondence. Created K.C.B., a wire from Gen Birdwood received at 9 am being my first intimation.

Thursday 2nd January
Visited Universite de Travail, Charleroi during morning to make final arrangements concerning educational matters. Found it necessary to call on Col Milson 4th Army HQrs who has education for Army in hand. Left Charleroi at 12.45pm and returned from Namur about 6pm. A miserable old journey home.
Called on 32nd Div HQrs de Bioul, where Gen Lambert was giving a fete to Belgian children. They were all thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Friday 3rd January
Attended at Univesite de Travail during morning to meet Col Milson, but he failed to arrive. Had a look through the building, very complete, tho' now rather depleted of plant by the Boche.
Gen Birdwood arrived at Corps. Met my Divisional officers at Mess, one battalion, and officers of Artillery, Pioneers etc at Marchienne- au -Pont, and battalion of 6th Bde together with officers of 5th & 6th Brigade groups at Nalinnes. Attended concert by 7th Brigade party in Charleroi at night. Most excellent programme, and crowded house.

Saturday 4th January
Visited 5th, 6th and 7th Brigades. Spent afternoon writing. Attended 2nd Aus Div Concert Party show at night.
Many letters of congratulation received on recent honour.

Sunday 5th January
Writing letters  €“ fully employed all day

Monday 6th January
With Artillery in the morning. In afternoon visited electrical specialist in Charleroi, had hand and arm tested and arranged for regular treatment at 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dr also arranging for a masseuse to be made available

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