Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 133

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also Nura's shell supply is limited.

(2)  Should "Komet" observe "Nusa" carrying out active operations against her, her Captain would either have sunk Komet with dynamite or other means & also would have destroyed wireless.

(3)  A German station was directly in line of fire behind "Komet"

(4)  It would probably be necessary to shell trenches and gun-pits ashore after shelling "Komet" which would have wasted large quantities of Shrapnel.

(5)  The German Governor having already surrendered presumably his yacht should be included in surrender & should therefore not be shelled.

I would point out the following additional points for your consideration:-
(1)  Mr Komine (Japanese) of Rabaul was on board "Nusa" and thanks to his help & knowledge of Natives, "Komet" was exactly located. Mr Komine showed great enterprise & an absolute indifference to the probability of "Nusa" receiving "Komet's" fire; he also showed his great anxiety to help us by abandoning his occupation of salving a wreck off the Talele Islands in order to accompany the expedition.

(2)  Mr Whiteman of Rabaul accompanied the expedition & it was due to information previously obtained by him that "Talasea" was made our objective.

(3)  The Military Officer in charge of Native Labour supplied us

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