Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 6

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1. Your force will consist of half Company of Infantry and a Detachment of the Army Medical Corps.

2. Take charge of Public Buildings, and post necessary Sentries over same.

3. Arrest German Officials, obtain all information fromthem, and search their residences.

4. Detain all arrested persons until instructioned how to act.

5. Place all your men in buildiings, if possible, well up off the ground.

6. If sufficient buildings are not already available, get assistance of Natives to build some of best available timber, or of Cocoanut Trees.

7. Ascertain what supplies are available such as food, coal, etc.

8. Protect life and property of both Europeans and Natives.

9. Arrange Hospital accommodation.

10. Organise Native Police to control Native populations.

11. Treat Natives firmly but not harshly.

12. Prepare defensive positons where necessary to resist boat landings.

13. Protect water supplies.

14. Post Proclamation of British occupation.

15. All supplies required to be requisitioned for and receipts given by you, so that they can afterwards be paid for.

16. Take steps to protect all property of any German REsidents, Officials or otherwise who may have departed.

17. Ensure that your troops shall respect all Public and Private Property of both the Europeans and Natives.

18. Protect Stores, Bridges, Piers, Wharves etc.

19. Take with you two months' supplies for your Command.

20. Take 200 rounds of ammunition per rifle.

7th December 1914 



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