Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 124

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R.A.C. to Brigadier, 8-17am:- With reference to signal from Governor General; I wish added my personal congratulations to you on the success, rapidity and smooth working of all your arrangements.

Brigadier to Flagship, 8-30am:- The Brigadier on behalf of the troops under his command, thanks the Admiral for his congratulations, which will be conveyed to the Troops along with the Governor General's message.  

Flagship to "Berrima" 9-25am:- Send guard to Magada and Sumatra to relieve Protector's men. Sumatra's engines are being made serviceable.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 9-35am:- Guard has left here to relieve "Protector's men on "Magada" and "Sumatra".

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 10-5 a.m.:- I should like to come and see you this forenoon.  Please inform me what time would suit you.  If inconvenient this forenoon, I could come immediately after lunch.

Brigadier to R.A.C., 10-15am:- Would be pleased if you can conveniently do so at once.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 10-23am:- Navy Office informs me that Trustees of Forsyth's Estate offers Forsyth's Private Cemetery at Simpson's Hafen for burial of British.

Flagship to General, 1-8 p.m.:- French Flagship "Montcalm" may arrive any day, but has been requested not to enter at night.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 12-40p.m.:- There are two tents on top of highest hill to South East of town.  Are they yours.  If necessary I can shell them, but would like an Officer to come off here first to make quite sure they are not yours.

Brigadier to R.A.C.: Reply: A party was sent out this morning by O.C. Garrison to investigate; suggest wait report before further action.

Brigadier to R.A.C., 5-45pm: Please pass to Comdr. Beresford, Herbertshohe:- Require explanation immediately why you have neglected to comply with my orders re furnishing an account of your action on the eleventh.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 6-20 p.m.:- Following recd. from Comdr. Beresford:- Have had no news whatever from Colonel Watson, nor has firing been heard.  German residents are of opinion that no resistance will be offered, but enemy will keep retiring for many miles.

"Encounter" to Flagship, 6-30 p.m.:- Shore reports two Coys. Naval Reserves returned. Did not see enemy.  Col. Watson not yet returned. (Above then repeated by Flagship to "Berrima" at 7-20pm).

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 7-22pm:- "Encounter" returns at 9-0pm.  The report may be in her.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 8-5pm:- Have you any means of getting there.  There is no ship at Herbertshohe to convey your message to Col. Watson.


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