Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 121

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"Protector" to Flagship, 2-16pm:  Germans advancing on Herbertshohe and Kabakaul, and are within 2 miles of this place.

"Protector" to Flagship, 3-30 pm:  Have landed maxim and stand and every available man, and am going with ship to protect road between Herbertshohe and Kabakaul.

Flagship to "Berrima", 3-50 pm: There is a flag, apparently German flying from roof of red house to the Southward.

Flagship to "Protector", 3-58pm.  See that your men are not separated from the main body; they should be embarked before dark unless urgently required.  Report state of affairs now.  "Parramatta" is coming out; remain at Herbertshohe with "Yarra" for the night if you think it necessary.  Did Commdr. Beresford ask for assistance?

Flagship to "Berrima" 4-10pm: Have mails for O.C. Troops.

Protector to Flagship, 4-11pm - Pass to first ship arriving Herbertshohe.  Tell O.C. Troops "Protector" abreast road between Kabakaul and Herbertshohe as directed just West.  Beresford only asked for maxim and field stand, and for "Protector" to proceed to position overlooking road between Kabakaul and Herbertshohe.  Shall I stay here.  Heavy firing going on round Herbertshohe.

Flagship to "Encounter" and "Berrima", 4-25pm:  Surgeon McKenzie is to return to "Australia", and Surgeon is to be attached to Rabaul.

Flagship to Brigadier, 4-30pm: Heavy firing heard from Herbertshohe.  I am asking Commander if he requires any assistance.

Brigadier to Flagship, 4-35pm: Have two Coys. standing by for despatch to Herbertshohe if required.

Flagship to "Parramatta", 4-29pm:  Enquire from Commander Beresford if he requires any more assistance.

"Protector" to "Yarra" & "Parramatta": Are you at Herbertshohe.

"Protector" to "Yarra", 4-34pm: Have landed here; no German troops anywhere about. Have recalled Signalman and am going other side of Lesson Point.

Flagship to Brigadier, 4-51pm:  Two Coys. should be sent to "Encounter" at once.

"Protector" to "Yarra", 4-48pm:  Tell Commander Beresford cannot hear any firing near Kabakaul; have now returned to position West of Lesson Point.

"Protector" to "Yarra", 4-54pm: Flag. orders my men are to be re-embarked before dark.

Flagship to "Melbourne", 4-59pm: I am sending "Encounter" to relieve you as soon as possible.  Do not land any men unless absolutely necessary.

"Melbourne" to "Protector", 5-0pm: "Melbourne" arrives 5-0pm.  Is assistance required on shore?

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