Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 42

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Garrison - There are said to be no European troops on any of the islands.

Residence of Governor.  Situated on a Hill N.N.E. of Rabaul and commands a view of the harbour and coast on the north side.

Police force - (See former remarks on page 2).  The Native Police Force is also estimated at 200 to 300 under 30 or 40 German officers.

Lighters.  There are a large number available, some of 30 to 40 tons carrying capacity.

Provisions - Fresh provisions are scarce.  Tinned food stuffs much used.

General.  A traveller who has frequently visited Samoa and was there in June 1914, estimates that some 1,000 Germans (males) are available in and around Apia for the defence of the island.

The natives are very pro-British. The chief magistrate and ruler of Savau Island (Samoan Group) is an Irishman named Williams.

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