Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 37

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Admiralty stated by telegram 9th August, 1914, that up to a year ago no german possessions in the Pacific had permanent Defences except Tsing Tau in China, but that mines might be expected at any German Ports and that possibly guns have been sent out recently.

The adult male German population resident at or near Rabaul and likely to be concentrated there would amount to perhaps 350. These would be all trained men and all armed with rifles.

It is believed there is no artillery, but there are some large storehouses (Government) on Matupi Island, and it is possible field guns may have been concealed in them.  There are no regular fortifications.  The armed native force of the possession amounts to about 450 men.  These will be widely scattered and it is probable that not more than 200 will be available at Rabaul.  They would most likely be armed with carbines of moderate range.

(Department of External Affairs).

The police force consists of natives from the Caroline Islands.  There are about 300 to 400 of them armed with magazine rifles, with 2 white officers.  There are 300 white people who are also armed; they are all military men. (Mr. Whittle) 

[Note in margin: 300 to 500]

There is stated to be a navy yard here, with ordnance stores, possibly containing guns and ammunition (Mr. Whittle).

It is believed there is no land defence at Samoa other than about 80 armed native constabulary with German officers.


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