Correspondence relating to Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Gray Marks, 1916-1919 - Page 37

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23rd May, 1919.

Dear Colonel Marks,

I have your letter of the 20th instant before me, and after consultation with the Premier have despatched a letter under his signature to the Acting Prime Minister of the Commonwealth intimating that there was evidently some misconception in the minds of the military authorities with regard to your desires in the matter of employment.

The fact of the two vessels remaining to be commissioned for the purpose of deporting enemy aliens was also referred to, and it was requested that consideration be extended to you in this connection.

With kind regards, and trusting that this second venture may prove more successful than the last,

Believe me, Yours sincerely, 



Lieutenant-Colonel D. G. Marks, D.S.O., M.C., 
Hunter House, 26 Hunter Street, SYDNEY.                                                           


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