Item 02: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 2 January-31 December 1916 - Page 4

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[Monday January 2 1916]

Went Alexandria to see about Brigade Baggage in Anzac- A good train runs & a Hamper can be ordered en route so I travelled in de luxe The delta is all green now with growing crops- Found the wharfs covered with Kits, Guns, Rifles, etc etc, & after sorting thro' large quantities found a few Signal Troop Baskets of Lamp Helios etc:- Much Baggage had been broken & looted en route all jumbled up together & lying in Pools of Water, as it has rained all day.
I do not expect to find any of mine, I am getting too old a soldier to worry about Kit now, Cut the loss & buy some more & be thankful you have your own carcase.

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